“ethereum minedrift er det det værd 2018”

“ethereum minedrift er det det værd 2018”

I think you read this wrong. I didn’t write this saying “These are the exact steps and parts list you need.” It’s simply saying, “Here’s a basic idea you can possibly adapt to your own circumstances.” No, not everyone has a 290X in storage. But a lot of people do. My current “leftover” GPU is an R9 280. That’s plenty strong for some hobbyist mining.
i’m having this problem too?? i load the game, and seems fine, but before it even gets to the title screen it crashes. i believe its because of GLSL mod, but i cant figure out how to change it. can anyone help us please?
Again, as the post stated, the goal was not purely ROI. It was to build a computer that is generally useful as a GPU cluster for R&D while still being able to pay for itself. Effectively a free (or near free) cluster.
nicehash is very easy to use in windows 10 a saw a problem if you have multiple logins, if someone uses another session it will stop mining until you log in again, at least that happend to me, I switched to ethminer and nanopool to test this week because nicehash has a 3% pool use…
Først, hovedet over til Etherscan s Mining Calculator, som giver up-to-date tal for den aktuelle pris, blok tid og netværk hashrate (målt i Gigahash pr secondaka GH / s; angiver billionsof beregninger per sekund):
Second, copy these figures into the Cryptowizzard Mining Calculator, a more sophisticated calculator which allows you to set your electricity costs, which are critical to determining profitability. Unfortunately, this calculator doesn’t automatically retrieve the current price, hashrate and block time. So, we copy those over:
Aether II is indeed an amazing mod and shall continue to grow into something even greater. However, some people haven’t played the original Aether mostly due to it being outdated and unavailable to the general public through official ways. Aether Legacy is a port of Aether I that allows people to play the original experience on newer versions of Minecraft with multiplayer support.
its very post to see here, lot of good information. i just started to trade btc and altcoin since december 2017, i’ve been thinking about mining some altcoin which maybe profitable for me. i just want to ask how do i mine a coin ? does it required some premium software or is free. also does it process consume both gpu and cpu usage and shorten those ages? i really need to know what i really need and what things to change on my pc if im doing it. its just for killing some time rather than doing nothing.
MinerGate allows users to mine coins through a smart-mining option (auto switches to most profitable coin) or choosing your favorite cryptocurrency manually. Merged-mining is available for FCN and MCN, allowing you to mine two currencies at once without the loss of hashrate for the main coin.
Step 10 — Get software up and running. I’m going to save this for another guide entirely, but after you get all this hardware set up and connected, you’re going to need to get your software up and running. If that’s EthOS, then you simply throw that OS on a USB stick, plug that into your rig, power things up, and press whatever key on your keyboard will let you choose your boot drive. It’s F8 on many motherboards. Then select the USB drive that has EthOS waiting to be installed, and follow the instructions. It’s a similar process for Windows 10, but like I said, I’ll leave this for another guide.
I can only assume you didnt study physics very much in school (this isnt meant as an offense, only that your lacking some basic understanding of thermodynmics). The main facts here are that 1) all energy consumed eventually winds up as heat 2) dispersion of that heat doesnt matter as it will naturally disperse, it will just take a little longer to do so.
“I found CoinMiner and asked for some consultancy services to help me build my mining farm. They advice they provided was invaluable and has meant that my mining operation has got off to a solid start. I now contract CoinMiner for maintenance of my rigs.”
Also you are completely missing the point on why it is free to run a miner in winter. It is still free EVEN if you pay for your electricity. Think about it, lets say you pay 200$ a month in electricity to heat your home (based on how many kW hours you use).. Then you buy a ethereum miner that costs 100$ to run per month and also heats your home. That means you will need to spend 100$ less on yoru heater to heat your home and 100$ more on the miner. That means if you count your miner as a “heater” you are spending exactly the same amount to heat your home as you would if you didnt have the miner. What you are missing is the fact that a computer is just as efficient as an electric space heater as a space heater is. So even if you pay for your own electricity a mining rig is FREE to run in winter.
Basing on these characteristics, the available GPUs in the market would be: NVDIA GTX 1070 Ti, AMD Radeon RX 480 or higher. These GPUs give us a Hashrate of 35MH / s and 30MH / s respectively with acceptable energy consumption.
However, when you do the math it seems that none of these cloud mining sites are profitable in the long run. Those that do seems profitable are usually scams that don’t even own any mining equipment, they are just elaborate Ponzi schemes.
The Mist package contains the Ethereum wallet which you’ll need to receive any mining profits. Mist also includes an Ethereum browser with various functions, such as messaging and a social network and tutorials. As a tip, these tutorials and the social network are helpful learning resources. Don’t be scared to ask the Ethereals if you’re experience difficulty with any part of this process.
Accessories —  Of course you’re going to need a cheap Mouse and Keyboard to get everything set up, but chances are if you’re looking build a rig then you already have some of these laying around somewhere. Also, don’t forget to buy a cheap power button for your rig so that you can easily turn it off and on. Also, don’t forget to find yourself a Monitor. Also, a couple fans would be useful to keep things cool. Zip ties will come in handy for mounting your GPUs and fans to your case.
You can determine the rating for efficiency by dividing the hashrate by the power consumption. Newer cards are usually more efficient. This rating is of prime importance—given that electricity is a fixed, ongoing cost. In other words, the more efficient your card, the more profitable it will be once you’ve received the ROI.
Does this work with Optifine? I’m new to all this so I’m not so shader savy. lol Do i just pop it into my Optifine shaderpack folder? or… Do I need that GLSL? I did go about and it did say it’s now implemented into Optifine but the description on this Shader says nothing about it so I’m just double checking before I detonate this mini nuke in my pc. n_n/
Also you are assuming difficulty will increase, for the most part it has increased here and there but often stays level for a month or more. With the switch to PoS it is reasonable to assume few people will be building mining rigs so it is also reasonable to assume difficulty will not rise much.
Bitcoins kan bli stjålet og tilbakeføringer er umulige. Slike sporing skjer direkte av tredjepartene via sine egne servere og er underlagt deres egne retningslinjer for personvern. Denne policyen beskriver hva personlig informasjon vi samler inn og hvordan vi bruker den. Denne informasjonen inkluderer, men er ikke begrenset til, IP-adresser, nettleserdetaljer, tidsstempler og referansesider. Ingen av disse opplysningene kan personlig identifisere bestemte besøkende på dette nettstedet. Kommersiell bruk av bitcoin er for tiden liten sammenlignet med bruken av spekulanter, som har drevet prisvekst. Selv om statusen som en valuta er omstridt, refererer mediarapporter ofte til bitcoin som en kryptokurrency eller en digital valuta. Betalingene i systemet registreres i en offentlig storger med egen regningsenhet, som også kalles bitcoin.
I can’t find anything about mining on this card either, but some comments from forums leads me to believe it could be about double the speed of 7950 cards. giving you somewhere between 35-40Mh/s, but this could be wrong depending on the bandwitdth usage on the card. Could be much less. Best tip is to just try it. Would be nice to hear the result!
Not happy with how netherrack looks orange, magma becomes a bright orange, and lava is like a blinding, golden fire, no matter what texture pack I use, or with no texture pack. There is also a general haziness to everything, like moving through a thin fog on a spring morning, only it’s everywhere. Sort of like very early ENBSeries on Skyrim before it actually worked correctly.
Power consumption is another major factor. Some GPUs consume as much as 500 Watts of power while there are others which consume as less as 150 Watts. This can be further broken down to power consumption cost per day which stands in at about $1.44 at the highest and $0.43 at the lowest.  
Also, i have an experience with intel processors, they tend to become too hot, and over heat the system, i have 2 desktops with AMD processors, they much better, never had a problem, so can you tell me which AMD model i should buy? Well for mining we do need the best once, as well we do not need the large capacity SSD, and not much RAM , but RAM has certain amount of pins, for example this mother board with 7 GPU’s how many PIN DDR4 RAM it needs (288 pin or another kind) ? MAke sure it compatible with this mother board…
Over the Christmas season, an unknown threat actor released the working code for the router exploit used by the Satori botnet. Researchers predicted the release of the code for free online would result in copy-paste botnets, and this prophesy seems to have come to pass.
I use this version: 0.9.41-genoil-1.0.7 Beta for Windows. I would like to try another client if its possible. Is there another client than ethminer? I would like to try another one because he crashed a a lot.
The Sapphire Radeon R9 295X2 is usually available at a price of $600. However since it is almost always out of stock some users prefer buying it over eBay where it is sold for inflated rates of $1100-$1500.
– On the topic of clock speeds, there are different versions of each card that will perform differently. ex. there are different brands and performance levels from cards tagged as RX480. Even two cards of the exact same model+brand perform differently due to micro defects that don’t affect the card being able to work but give slower performance. Do you want to stick to high end brands to avoid this or will you gamble on the cheaper cards and hash close to an ideal rate anyways?
Now replace “” with your Ethereum Wallet address (which starts with 0x…) so copy that from your other text file and paste it here.  Then replace “” with any name you would like to create for your miner.  We’ll use “MiningRig1” for our example, so you now have:  
Normal overworld tools have extremely low efficiency in harvesting/mining blocks of the Aether, so even using your hands to harvest skyroot logs would be faster than using diamond tools. Normal torches and Fire cannot be used in the Aether, although water brought from the overworld works properly. So you are limited to only using Aether originated items/tools etc., much like starting in an entirely new overworld with nothing, as overworld tools are not so efficient. When a player falls off of an Aether island they will not fall into the void, instead they’ll leave the Aether and be spawned high above of their original portal in the overworld and fall straight down, so one is advised to put water around their portal or they will die of fall damage, unless they fell too far away from their original Aether spawn, they’ll fall far away from their overworld portal. Death from falling off the Aether can also be prevented by using Aether items/mobs that give the player the ability to not take fall damage. The Aether can be used to unreliably use fast travel through the overworld (much like the nether).
Nonetheless, Ethereum is reportedly switching to a proof-of-stake framework later this year, which means Ether mining could no longer be relevant. Take in mind, that this could also lead to a significant increase in Ethereum price.
This means you won’t be able to use a mining rig for other tasks, but it does mean you’ll be getting the very best mining results thanks to the best mining rigs being designed to eke out the maximum return when running.

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  1. The blockchain system uses a hash algorithm which has the ability to convert a block of data into another group of fixed-length characters. These operations must be executed by powerful computers that can do it in the shortest possible time. In the case of the Ethereum, the algorithm used is the ethash that is responsible for breaking down the block and condensing it into a number of letters and numbers of a fixed length, all deciphering the metadata of the last data block. For this they use a factor called nonce, which is nothing more than a binary number that determines a single hash value.
    A: Hvis du har fået en passende GPU med mindst 3GB RAM, det er en hurtig og smertefri spørgsmål om at gøre nogle tweaks i Windows, installation af minedrift app derefter indtaste nogle få indstillinger fromyour valgt pulje hjemmeside. Yderligere oplysninger findes i Kom godt i gang med minedrift sektion.
    Mål publikum etter kategori og filtrer trafikk fra ønskede land. Betal bare når noen klikker på annonsene dine. Punta Cana poker Classic og OSS3 Sterling Sølv Armbånd. Cloud-tjenester gir deg mulighet til å kjøpe beregningsressurser fra enkelte eksterne datasentre og starte miningbitcoins. Tradisjonelt gruvedrift krevde maskinvare med høy beregningskraft og tilførsel av uavbrutt elektrisitet for å minne en blokk for fortjeneste. Problemet er at mining bitcoins på egen hånd krever at du investerer i kvalitetshardware som inkluderer CPUer, GPUer, ASICer og FPGA som gir nødvendig databehandlingskraft for å løse blokkenes hashfunksjon. Du må betale ingen strømregninger, ingen plass til å lagre utstyr, og det koster ingen kostnad på kjølesystemer.
    The Aether is an amazing realm in the sky, as opposed to the Nether deep underground. Its main features are large floating islands and formations of Aeroclouds. There are many new mobs, items and blocks in the Aether, some being entirely different from those in the overworld, but few are similar to overworld mobs.

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