“ether mining auf windows”

“ether mining auf windows”

No problem! Hope it helped somebody out, at least. Hard to compete with all the top sponsored posts. If anyone has any questions, let me know! Part 2 is also coming very soon! Just syncing blockchain for ETH now.
Was man dazu braucht ist ein Rechner, einen Internetzugang und eine oder besser mehrere leistungsfähige Grafikkarten, denn die Kryptowährung wird nicht auf der CPU errechnet, sondern auf der GPU der Grafikkarte. Als Standard hat sich hier die AMD RX480 etabliert, von denen ich zufällig welche in meinem Rechner hatte. Hier kommt schon das erste Problem: Wenn ihr jetzt schon heiß darauf seid eure eigenen Ether zu schürfen, aber keine AMD RX480 (oder RX470) habt, wird es schwierig eine zu bekommen. Die AMD RX Karten sind durch den Run auf Ethereum komplett ausverkauft und selbst gebrauchte AMD RX Grafikkarten lassen sich derzeit für fast den doppelten Neupreis an den Mann bringen. Zwar funktionieren auch aktuelle Nvidia Karten, allerdings bieten diese nicht die Leistungsfähigkeit der AMD-Modelle.
Step 6: After hitting the enter button in Step 5, you will be asked to enter a password – N.B. you will not be able to see what you are typing in so type it carefully. This is the password that locks your account and keeps your Private key safe – if you lose this password you will lose all your Ether attached to the wallet held by that Private key. Once you have entered your password and confirmed it by entering it a second time you will have created a new account! Congratulations your about a third of the way there.
Building an Ethereum mining rig is a long term investment. Things like power consumption, GPU and price of Ethereum will all affect your bottom line in Ether mining. We recommend checking out an Ethereum mining calculator before starting.
Dann findet das gesamte Bitcoin-Mining aus der Ferne in der Cloud statt. Dadurch müssen die Besitzer sich nicht mit den Problemen auseinandersetzen, die beim Mining von Bitcoins oft auftreten, zum Beispiel Elektrizität, Hosting-Probleme, Hitze, Installations- oder Wartungsprobleme.
Cryptocurrency mining is a big buzz topic in technology these days. And why not? Utilizing your computer to digitally mine seems like free money only begs the question, “where do I sign up?” Your machine will actually be “mining” or processing transactions for a decentralized currency, the hottest variant of which is called Ethereum.  Poised to overtake the industry bellwether Bitcoin, Ethereum has experienced explosive growth with roughly a $35 billion dollar market cap currently.
If all of  your GPU’s on the RIG are the same, you can try to apply the profile settings that worked for the first GPU to the next GPU and test if it works, then try to adjust the small settings to reduce memory errors if you get them. It’s possible that the same GPU with the same settings will crash the PC or cause a freeze, that’s why you test one GPU at a time.
Like I see it, the current best GPUs can mine 46 MH/s (Radeon R9). And they’re still profitable. So what exactly is the problem with having a miner that has more hashing power, would the power consumption be too high? How high would the power consumption of something like this be, I mean bitcoin miners have incredibly high electricity cost as well, why is this so different?
5. I’m a software developer, so I think I cannot help you to build your mining rig properly or provide you with the list of necessary parts, please ask this question here on forum or search here, there are many threads related to hardware.
Another option is to join a pool. These are groups of Ethereum miners who share their computing resources and share their money. However, a word of warning, some of these pools are a little shady. Be very careful about joining a pool, especially if you have to pay any money to join. Some of them are basically just scams. The world of cryptocurrency mining is a little bit like the Wild West during the days of the Gold Rush, and you really need to be cautious.
You total wrong , memory clock DOES AFFECT on your speed . Your MSI Afterburner does not have “unofficial overclocking limitations” enabled thats why when you “slided way to the left, down to the minimum ” it does nothing – it just stays at default memory clock (1250 -1375 – 1500 default is popular ) ,so your speed at that time NOT AFFECT by memory overclocking because it already @stock lol .
On the Green selection you can see the “Memory Type”. In this example it’s Elpida. If you bought your GPU’s all at once, and they are the same card type and if you see  that they all have the same Memory Type, that means that they all CAN USE THE SAME BIOS. Exporting GPU BIOS can be done with clicking on the Red circle as displayed in the picture above, under the “BIOS Version”. Now you have your original bios exported, make a backup before going to the next step.
In order to mine using this guide, there are two things that you’ll need. The first is a wallet to store your funds. There are currently multiple GUI wallets available and you can compare them here. You can also use this guide to learn how to install one of them on Linux. It is also possible to use an exchange as a wallet but we do not recommend it.
Disclosure: Mining metrics are calculated based on a network hash rate of 9,654 GH/s and using a ETC – USD exchange rate of 1 ETC = $ 21.49. These figures vary based on the total network hash rate and on the ETC to USD conversion rate. Block reward is fixed at 4 ETC and future block reward reductions are not taken into account. The average block time used in the calculation is 15 seconds. The electricity price used in generating these metrics is $ 0.12 per kWh. Network hash rate varies over time, this is just an estimation based on current values.
Why is the blockchain so massive in data storage? The target is 1920000 and I’m currently at 917246, the data files currently amount to 7GB. This means the folder will be a huge amount by the time the block has finished syncing.
Bitcoin Cloud Mining Bewertung: Angeblich seit Mitte 2013 im Bitcoin-Mining tätig. Alle Bitcoin-Miner befinden sich in einem Rechenzentrum auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik in Australien und es besteht direkter Zugriff auf hochwertige Ausrüstung und 24/7-Support.
I’m sure you’ve already heard of the cryptocurrency craze way before reading this post. Cryptocurrencies are slowly and quietly revolutionizing the way financial systems and transactions work (and should work in my opinion).
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IMPORTANT: You MUST have the latest motherboard bios installed. (you can check your motherboard bios update history, to see what was changed from your bios version till the latest available one. If there are no major changes, then you can skip this step.(Chipset, PCI-E, GPU support changes are the most important ones and you NEED to upgrade your Motherboard BIOS if they came out).
If you’re running a lot of GPUs (4+), additional tweaks might be necessary to ensure that they’re all recognized by the OS. Exact tweaks vary by motherboard, but setting the PCIe speed to Gen1 is usually a good place to start. No need to change anything now, but make a mental note that you may need to come back and play around a bit if all of your GPUs don’t show up in the OS later.
So for example if we have a single AMD Radeon R9 280X GPU available that is capable of producing around 24 MHS worth of hashrate when mining Ethereum and we enter that value in the calculator we are going to get an estimation of about 4.5 ETH mined in a day or a bit over $5 USD. This is making mining Ether on the Ethereum network a pretty good and profitable crypto currency to mine at the moment if the estimates are true. If you want you can check our Quick Guide on How to Mine Ethereum on Windows to get things started. The Ethereum Mining Profitability Calculator is pretty simple and dubbed as alpha software, but it works well, the code is written in Python and the source code is also available for anyone interested.
Zitat Paul Janowitz: Womit wir wieder bei Resourcenverschwendung sind und bei Millionen Nutzern werden Millionen Virtueller Server bei zentralisierten Anbietern gehostet, die im Grunde nicht zur Dezentralisierung beitragen, aber Strom fressen. Aber je länger ich über alle Po* Möglichkeiten nachdenke, ist eine auf Dauer funktionierende Kryptowährung nur in Form von Arbeit möglich, die sich bei praktisch allen in Strom niederschlägt. Das ist auch völlig in Ordnung, denn nur so lässt sich ein Netzwerk absichern.
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Very rare it’s possible that you will get better results with the Beta Blockchain Driver , but that driver only supports 8 AMD GPU’s and please try first the Adrenaline edition (In the Blockchain driver you will not need to change GPU’s to Compute mode, they are there on default).
Claymore 11.2 is currently the best miner for Ethereum, and it comes with a nice option of dual mining  with some other altcoins (Decred, Sia… ) that can boost your profit by around 20-30% for 20% more power draw. Even if you have expensive electricity the bonus profit is probably worth it.

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  1. The Ethereum network is a long string of connections maintained by computers, their impact is undeniable, and the profit gained from mined Ether is surreal. A lot of people are of the opinion that mining will stop with the advent of the consensus algorithm and advise those with itching curiosity to mine now and think later.

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