“Ethereum Miner Mac OS”

“Ethereum Miner Mac OS”

I had the brilliant idea of combining 10 such 16gb cards, with not but a power supply, small ram chip for bios, and 16 gb of ram and a memory controller, all feeding into 1 FPGA “gateway” device that would send out the work, and the biggest problem I ran into there is a data transfer latency timing issue, where basically I would in theory be submitting all stale shares because, by the time I sent the signal, processed it, sent it back, then received it, then passed it on those 10+ nano seconds would cause me to end up with an effective hash rate of below 1.5 Mh/s. so for 10 cards at 16 gb at a likely cost of $750 per card, or $7500- I could end up with a whopping 240 mh/s @ 2500 watts, IE worse than a rig of Rx 480’s.
Payouts on Nicehash are minimum 0.1BTC four times per day. It’s also important to note that nicehash is approximately 20% less overall hashrate, but the switching feature may allow you to be more profitable than if you were to simply mine Ethereum.
I have no interest in Bitcoin mining but I’m giving this video a like because in your previous video somebody asked for this type of video and not even a week later here it is. well done mate. keep it lekker
Dear fiend, I’m experiencing a problem that showed up today, after an unwanted windows update (that I was stopping for about 3 weeks), my mining rig slowed down a 35% in hash rate. I have windows 10. Are you or anyone else you know having the same problem ?
The bottleneck of Bitmain’s mass production is supply of Dram memory, which explains why Bitmain is frequent visiting storage supplier in Taiwan. The demand of Bitmain is around 3,000 pieces of 12 inch wafers per month. Ethereum ASIC chips will enter mass production stage in February 2018 by TSMC’s 28nm process. The F3 miner is expected to hit the market in Q2 or Q3 2018.
When reading the specifications for ASICs on this page is that they should be interpreted as being indicative, rather than authoritative. Many of the figures will have come from the manufacturers, who will present their technology in the best light – be that high hash rates that in practice may not be very efficient and require additional cooling, or very high efficiency at a cost of hash rate and risking being slow in the race against difficulty adjustments.
After Bitcoin Cash (Bcash) forked from the Bitcoin blockchain to create a new cryptocurrency ( BCH ), and ahead of the SegWit2X fork that may do the same thing, a third Bitcoin fork is in the making: Bitcoin Gold (Bgold; BTG). But where Bcash and SegWit2X are scaling-related forks – both mainly increase Bitcoin’s block size limit – Bgold wants to re-decentralize mining by implementing a new proof-of-work algorithm.
With the current saturation of miners and the stated plans to switch the network to a proof-of-stake system, I would avoid mining Ethereum at this time. There are several other coins available for mining, like Monero, that may be a better choice for you depending on your goals.
The official Frontier release of geth only supports a CPU miner natively. We are working on a GPU miner, but it may not be available for the Frontier release. however can be used in conjunction with ethminer, using the standalone miner as workers and geth as scheduler communicating via JSON-RPC.
Requiring a tremendous amount of computer resources and quite a bit of processing power to solve challenging math problems to produce more impactful and more secure encryption protocols (amongst so many other things), blockchain essentially allows you to earn crypto currency by providing your computer resources to be used by the peer distributed network.
I’ve chosen to go with the RX480 as it’s expected to give 25MH/s at stock settings with a price of $200. Therefore, I’m paying $8/MHs, and the aim is to get this price as low as possible. Therefore, if you see second-hand GPUs where you’re paying less than that, then they might be worth a high consideration.
The ultimate goal is to get your rig up and running as FAST as possible. Stop trying to tweak 1 more MH/s. That 1 MH/s isn’t worth all the downtime you’ll have to invest. If you’re a professional miner, yes it may matter. But for the average joes, JUST MINE.
The R9 390 and 390X look great. They aren’t much slower than the Titan XP and 1080 Ti. The GTX 1080 tanks though and surprisingly the GTX 1070 is faster here, apparently this is down to an issue GDDR5X has when it comes to mining, despite offering more memory bandwidth it’s actually slower for mining, go figure.
Now after all your GPU’s are flashed with the right upgraded bios we can move on  to the most important step, the mining software part. There are a couple of different popular mining programs, depending on the algorithm they are working with, the most popular are:
my balance 0x2d529425edf49cf53e8b7e52b10177d9160f715e, i have about 12 ethe in my balance,but i type: web3.fromWei(eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase), “ether”) in consonle, my balance have 0 ethe,i type in consonle : eth.sendTransaction({from: ‘0x2d529425edf49cf53e8b7e52b10177d9160f715e’, to: ‘0x263d845a19110802000139cbb7a4bbf2b2b8d6c0’, value: web3.toWei(1, “ether”)})

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  1. Eine ähnliche Entwicklung erlebt gerade eine andere Kryptowährung, das Ethereum. Ein Ether liegt zum Zeitpunkt des Beitrags bei 315 Euro. Im April bekam man für ein Ether gerade mal 40 Euro. So eignen sich Kryptowährungen natürlich für Spekulationen, in dem man sich günstig damit eindeckt und auf eine ähnliche Kursentwicklung hofft, wie sie Bitcoin hingelegt hat. Das ist bei Ethereum auch gar nicht unwahrscheinlich. Im Gegenteil – man erwartet hier sogar ein sog. „Flippening“, also dass Ethereum Bitcoin als Standard-Kryptowährung ablösen könnte. Bestärkt wird das durch die Tatsache, dass Ethereum durch viele namhafte Firmen unterstützt wird.
    Disable all components that you don’t plan to use. This might save a little bit of power, and since your miner will likely be running 24/7, it’ll add up. For me, that meant disabling onboard audio, the USB 3.0 ports, one of the SATA controllers, the Firewire port, and the serial port.
    IMPORTANT – Always work with the original BIOS of your cards, don’t download random BIOS online cause you can’t be sure they are made for your card type, even if they are the same model that does not mean they have the same bios. It’s very important to work with the original card BIOS to reduce the unnecessary risk to the minimum.
    How on earth could you have 80 asic chips sharing a 3GB VRAM? That’s not possible. The chips may be capable of 2.5 MH/s without a memory bottleneck, but what difference does that make? The only other explanation would be they have 3 GB of VRAM per chip, which would be .24 TB of VRAM. And, of course, they give no price.
    Klar ist, je leichter der Schwierigkeitsgrad der Rechenleistung, desto mehr Coins können geschürft werden. Steigt deren Kurs binnen kurzer Zeit, werden viele auf diesen Zug aufspringen wollen. Wer also früher und zu einem günstigeren Preis einsteigen kann, der wird auf Zeit Profit erwirtschaften. Dieser Kalkulationspunkt kann in jedem Mining Calculator berücksichtigt werden.

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