“Ethereum Mining Bitcointalk”

“Ethereum Mining Bitcointalk”

Basically to be honest I want just a little something I dont want to rob you especially if you like this program I want you to use it and profit from it most so in the end I would get one session daily that is 36/72 seconds based on what you mine.
Setup will now launch. Close down any other open apps and agree to the license agreement. On the next screen (Install Options), select ‘Add MinerGate to the system PATH for current user’ as well as ‘Create MinerGate Desktop Icon’. Click ‘Next’, then ‘Install’.
First you need a computer, or graphics card, that is capable of computing an algorithm that it attempts to solve in order to generate some Ether. For Ethereum, the ‘block’ that your video cards are attempting to find generates on average every 15 seconds. That means every 15 seconds, the Ethereum network pays to whomever found the block, 5 Ethereum (this value may change over time).
Die Verteilung durch Staking spielt meiner Meinung nach eine eher untergeordnete Rolle, wenn man mal die 1% von BLK zur Grundlage nimmt. Die Verteilung wird da eher durch Kapitalanlagen oder Unternehmungen gemacht. D.h. die die viel Kapital besitzen, investieren es in Unternehmen oder Beteiligungen mit denen sie sicherlich mehr als die 1% pro Jahr kassieren. Diese Renditen finden sich später letztendlich dann bei jedem Coin wieder.
Update, 9/15/2017: We’ve updated our Ethereum mining benchmark numbers in this article to include AMD’s recently released Radeon RX Vega graphics cards. Head here for that updated data or journey on for the full guide. 
Je mehr Miner in einem Blockchain Netzwerk minen, desto höher ist die Gesamtrechenleistung in einem Netzwerk. Damit nun durch den Anstieg der Rechenleistung im Netzwerk, nicht mehr Blöcke in kürzerer Zeit gefunden werden können, wird die Difficulty vom Blockchain Protokoll automatisch angepasst.
 – A standard keyboard, mouse and monitor are needed.  If managing your rig remotely (not covered here in this beginner guide) you will want to get a headless hdmi dummy plug to plug into your rig so it boots into Windows properly for remote access.  
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So I am working through some issues. First I have two drives. C: which is a fairly small SSD drive just for my OS (the blockchain is too big to fit on here) and an E: drive which stores everything else. I finally figured out how to store the blockchain on E: with my coinbase and if I am solo mining it works (probably not going to mine anything but works nontheless). So I am considering pool mining. According to your article I must first downloan the entire blockchain which I am working on doing again to the E: drive.… Read more »
If you can find this card at a decent price, it’s a very good performer. By boosting the stock speed via an overclocking utility (such as Afterburner), your hashrate may increase from 10% to over 31 MH/s.
For powering 6 GPUs it’s important to buy a 1200W power supply with Platinum connectors. Using anything lower than a Platinum connector will cause a loss of energy during use; which will ultimately factor into your bottom line. If you’re planning on using less than 6 GPUs you can go with a less powerful power supply.
i got 1 out of the 5 GPUs to mine… attempting to start another ethminer instance specifying next card crashes that specific instance (while the first one keeps hashing away)… so no dice with getting all 5 running on win10
Hey I have a question. Does Ethereum wallet ever gets fully synced? I’m running it for more that 3 days and now I got to the end and it wont sync at 100% cloud is at 69% and still some blocks left (currently 111) and it’s going up and down. I set up mining process successfully and got it to work (after solving antivirus problems that 5 times removed ethereum.exe…) I’m just curious about this wallet sync. Thanks
I have no interest in Bitcoin mining but I’m giving this video a like because in your previous video somebody asked for this type of video and not even a week later here it is. well done mate. keep it lekker
Zunächst müsst euch für die Größe des Investments entscheiden. Der Einstieg in das Ethereum Mining ist mit nicht einmal 500€ zu bewältigen. Um allerdings jährlich hohe Profite zu erzielen, ist ein größeres Investment notwendig. Das Kapital entscheidet nämlich darüber, welche und wie viel Mining Hardware ihr erwerben könnt und somit wie viel Ether ihr, in einem gewissen Zeitraum, minen könnt. Ein höheres Investment bringt ein größeres Risiko mit sich, ermöglicht allerdings auch höhere Gewinne.
For purposes of this guide, we are going to do a detailed walk-through of setting up and using the very popular Claymore Miner.  Get the current version here from Claymore’s original Bitcointalk thread and then follow along with the steps in this video.  The whole process of getting a wallet setup, downloading your miner, configuring things in Windows and setting up your batch file to run should take less than 10 minutes:
In Zeiten von Nullzins suchen viele nach einer renditeträchtigen Geldanlage. Bitcoins haben eine recht turbulente Geschichte, aber auch eine unglaubliche Kursentwicklung. Während im Juni 2015 ein Bitcoin etwa 250 Euro wert war, sind es im Juni 2017 lockere 2500 Euro.
He uses a vending machine as a real life example. You input the code B6 into the vending machine. The vending machine takes this code, and then executes the code. The candy bar labled B6 is then dispensed.
Start by decreasing your core clock speed to 1000 mhz from whatever the factory setting was (in the “GPU” area, change the values for state 6 and 7 to 1000 on the Frequency row). Click “Apply” (at the top right). Restart your miner and see how performance looks. There is a good chance that it’s unchanged. If that’s the case, repeat the process, but decrease the core clock speed by another 50 mhz or so. Keep moving down in 50 mhz increments until you notice mining performance drop. When that happens, bump the core clock back up to the previous value—that’s the sweet spot.
It’s hard to say realy. GPU-mining is already non profitable for Bitcoin, but obviously is the most profitable type of mining for Ethereum. Samsung has released very little information. In my opinion, it’s unlikely that any ASICs that Samsung develops for Ethereum mining would be much more than a specialized GPU anyway. Add to this that Ethereum is most likely going to be abandoning PoW based consensus in favor of PoS based consensus within the next 2 years, it’s a moot conversation really.
Wenn du die Hardware sowieso da hast, dann könnte es sich selbst beim aktuellen Strompreis lohnen. Wenn du jetzt kaufen willst, käme sowieso nur die GTX 1070 in frage. Davon 3 Stück und wenn alles so bleibt wie es ist, wovon ich nicht ausgehe, hat sich das ca. in einem Jahr aromatisiert. Wäre mir ein viel zu hohes Risiko.
Honestly its super weird how this issue was resolved. Basically I just rebooted several times and then it started working…. I really don’t get this stuff, I have 2 degrees in computer science and an A+ cert and still don’t understand it lol
Tresorio ist ein kleiner französischer Cloud Mining Anbieter, der sich auf das Minen von Ethereum, Ethereum Classic oder ZCash spezialisiert hat. Tresorio bietet keine integrierte Wallet, das heißt die geschürften Coins werden zwei Mal die Woche direkt einer hinterlegten Wallet gutgeschrieben. Mit einer offenen Art wirbt das Unternehmen für ihre Transparenz – sollte man einen Urlaub in Metz verbringen, ist man herzlich auf einen Kaffee eingeladen.
I am telling you right now that with the broad innovation that Ethereum brings to the table combined with an instant network of transaction processors eager to climb onboard would give Ethereum a fantastic start. Far better than building a new processing network. If you read my above post “Ode to GPU mining” you’ll see that GPU mining is and has shown to be very well distributed and provides excellent and accessible avenues for true enthusiasts to really contribute above and beyond average users who will probably care more about the functionality of Ethereum more than mining it.
The ASIC chip of choice determines, in large part, the cost and efficiency of a given miner, as ASIC development and manufacture are very expensive processes, and the ASIC chips themselves are often the components that require the most power on a Bitcoin miner.

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  1. Setup was simple enough, we simply found a pool to join and what miner we would be using.  We decided to go with the Ethermine pool but finding a miner was a bit trickier.  We first tried Genoils Miner but never was able to get the stratum server connected so we moved on to Claymores Miner and that one took off like a demon, so we stayed there.  Claymores Miner allowed us to use Radeon cards as well as Pascal based GeForce cards without spending hours in configurations.
    ASIC miners, which are highly efficient at solving the SHA256 algorithm used to confirm transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain, outperform traditional GPUs – which muscled hobby miners and their existing graphics cards out of the market.
    BLK im speziellen Fall hat das PoS immer weiterentwickelt und ist zu den entsprechenden Parametern gelangt. U.a. hat man auch etwas entgegen der Dominanz der großen Player getan, indem man den Multiplikator Age entfernt hat und das Age nicht mehr zur Reward-Berechnung heranzieht und jeden Block pauschal mit 1,5 BLK belohnt.
          EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool us1.ethpool.org:3333 -ewal 0xD69af2A796A737A103F12d2f0BCC563a13900E6F.YourWorkerName -epsw x -dpool http://sia-eu1.nanopool.org:9980/miner/header?”address=YourSiaAddress&worker=YourWorkerName” -dcoin sia
    Geth is the program that communicates with the Ethereum Network and acts as the a relay between your computer, its hardware and the rest of the ethereum network computers so if a block is mined by another computer your Geth program will pick it up and then pass on the new information onto your GPU or CPU for mining.

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