“Ethereum Mining deutsch”

“Ethereum Mining deutsch”

Some mining enthusiast swear that Linux is the best operating system for mining. While this did use to be the case, there are stronger disagreements on the topic then previously. While I do prefer Windows, Linux does have it’s advantages and being a slimmer system it can have its upsides. Furthermore, Windows usually comes with a price tag, so if you’re looking for a free option, then Linux is the one for you.
Even harder to find than the RX 480 is the AMD RX 470. A year ago, this was the absolute best card for mining. With a slight BIOS mod, it can do 29Mh/s while pulling 140 watts. Just like the other AMD cards listed, my favorite model is the AMD Sapphire RX 470 Nitro+ (Model #11256-10-20G).
But I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be profitable? I understand that the Ethash algorithm needs lots of memory and that’S not cheap. But why hasn’t a company just produced them in bulk for a lower price and made it profitable ?!
That would be if you are in Europe as you see from -epool and -dpool addresses. Always chose the pool that is closes to you to reduce the ping/latency. It can be found under “Help” section of Nanopool, all different pool addresses are listed there and chose the one on your Continent.
MinerGate’s Variable Difficulty algorithm, allows small portions of the Ethereum Blocks to be sent to miners according to their equipment and effective hashrate, making Ethereum mining possible in any computer with a simple click of a mouse!
Afterburner (or whatever utility you choose) can also be used to raise the core and memory clocks on the card. This will increase your hashrate, but also the heat produced and card temperature so make sure you have adequate cooling. Always increase overlock in reasonable increments like 100MHz to make sure your rig stays stable.
Custom BIOS. Custom BIOS’ are trickier. While it’s easy to use a tool such as AtiFlash to flash your GPU, bare in mind that it is risky. You will also need to find a BIOS that is suitable for your GPU unless you’re proficient at tweaking it yourself with a tool like PolarisBiosEditor. However, this can have the largest gain. For example, for the RX480 a custom BIOS can raise its hash rate to 30Mhs+ which is a considerable 30% improvement!
” Part 2 – Installing the Mining Software and Starting to Mine” it told me nothing where to get Ethminer Step 8: Now you need to download Ethminer which makes your GPU or CPU run the hashing algorithm that is integral to securing the Ethereum network through proof of work. You can download this here and be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the right version – the latest and most up to date one is right at the end.
Without any doubt, the market for Bitcoin mining has been dominated by two major brands; the Avalon and the Antminer. The Avalon 7 is one of the latest that this company has released to the market and perfectly fit in the tag of best Bitcoin mining hardware. It gives a performance at par with its main market competitors although at a lower price and can still be used as a best Litecon mining hardware too. It was released to the market in the last month of 2016 and has a hash rate of 6 TH/s. Both its power consumption and power efficiency are 850-1000W and 0.29 J/GH respectively. This mining rig can produce 0.14 bitcoins in one month.
I though that developing Ethereum ASIC would be unprofitable because of their plans to switch to PoS, but it seems like Bitmain has calculated otherwise. Maybe it will be usable to mine other coins with the same algorithm. But since it won’t be able to mine all GPU algorithms, GPU mining will still be around for a long time, so if this ASIC will take over ETH mining, current ETH miners will just switch to other coins.
Eigentlich hätte die Ethereum-Blockchain also bereits Ende 2016 so gut wie unbenutzbar sein sollen. Allerdings wurden den Entwicklern noch während des Jahres 2016 klar, dass sie sich überschätzt hatten. Es war nicht möglich, diese Deadline für PoS einzuhalten. Also haben sie mit der Hardfork zur Homestead-Version von Ethereum die Difficulty-Bombe ein wenig entschärft. Vitalik Buterin schrieb dazu vor rund einem Jahr: “… die Eiszeit wird nun doch sehr langsam eintreten … Ab Block 3,5 Millionen (etwa in einem Jahr), werden wir ein durchschnittliches Blockinterwall von 25 Sekunden für rund 100.000 Blöcke (etwa 1 Monat) haben; dann werden wir für die die nächsten 100.000 Blöcke (nun etwa 1,4 Monate) 35 Sekunden haben, dann ~55 Sekunden für etwa 2,2 Monate, dann ~95 Sekunden für etwa 3,8 Monate, und so weiter bis wir bei ~655 Sekunden für etwa 26 Monate landen.” Die finale Untergangsphase wird etwa 2021 eintreten, wenn das Netzwerk beinah zum Stillstand kommt.
If the miner finds a hash that matches the current target, the miner will be awarded ether and broadcast the block across the network for each node to validate and add to their own copy of the ledger. If miner B finds the hash, miner A will stop work on the current block and repeat the process for the next block.
In Regionen mit einem niedrigen Strompreis, wie Island oder Russland etwa, lohnt sich Mining definitiv, weil durch den niedrigen Strompreis der Ertrag höher ist. Außerdem stellt sich die Frage, wo die Difficulty liegt. Letztlich gilt es die geschürften Ether zu einem guten Preis auf dem Kryptomarkt zu verkaufen. Aktuell liegt der Preis pro Ether bei 300,96 US-Dollar (254,00 Euro). Der Preis unterliegt Schwankungen. Wenn der Preis sinkt, sinkt auch der Ertrag aus dem Ethereum Mining. Dadurch kann das Mining schnell zu einer Kostenfalle werden. Denn wenn der Verkaufsertrag geringer als der Strompreis pro kW/h ist, wird daraus ein Minusgeschäft.
Having been released in August 2015, this Bitcoin hardware is considered as one of the oldest in the market. In fact, it is just as efficient as the Antminer S7 and works better than the Antminer S5. It, however, costs a bit higher when compared to the Antminer S7 but delivers less return. It has a power consumption of 1100-watts, which is also bit high and can bring in revenue of 0.12 Bitcoins in one month.

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  1. Well, gpuboss.com helps a lot. Take into account the Bitcoin mining performance shown by Gpuboss for each GPU : it’s not an absolute answer to our question (since Bitcoin neither use Equihash nor Dagger-Hashimoto but SHA-256) yet it’s guiding you in the right direction. Try not to focus on hashrates found on forums : those numbers depend on too many factors (mining software and its parameters, exact GPU version, driver version, overclocking, downclocking, etc). Pay attention to the power consumption in charge. You can get it from tests available on the Internet. If not, use constructors’ indicator called TDP (Thermal Design Power), which may allow you to compare the GPUs you’ve selected.  Then, find the lowest price.
    The HD 7990 was released in 2013 and is harder to purchase from stores as this series has been superseded by the R9 series released in 2015. Internally, the HD 7990 with 6Gb RAM consists of two AMD HD 7970 GPUs with 3Gb RAM each packaged together.
    Companies such as AMD and Nvidia originally designed GPUs for better graphics. However, they recently saw a spike in demand from people wanting to use their chips to mine Ethereum. The price of high-end GPUs has skyrocketed and there’s now a massive shortage of gaming graphics cards. In order to protect gamers, some retailers are now limiting the quantities people are allowed to buy and giving discounts to those buying other components for an actual gaming rig, not a mining rig.
    The Ethereum Platform rests on open-source software, and there is a risk that the Ethereum Stiftung or the Ethereum Team, or other third parties not directly affiliated with the Stiftung Ethereum, may introduce weaknesses or bugs into the core infrastructural elements of the Ethereum Platform causing the system to lose ETH stored in one or more User accounts or other accounts or lose sums of other valued tokens issued on the Ethereum Platform.

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