“Ethereum Mining Geld”

“Ethereum Mining Geld”

This card generally retails in the $800 range, but mining demand has driven its price to over $1,000 in some locations. If you’re lucky enough to get free power, then this card could be a great choice.
Decide on which service you will like to use for your wallet, and sign up to it. I’ve created a Poloniex account, as I plan on doing some trading with the Ether I mine to try and further increase my profits. Make a note of your address. It should look something like this: 0x7b5eff562ee17b9e27a7af6afc26944266c8b025.
When choosing a GPU for mining, you want a good balance of low power usage (assuming you pay for electricity) and great hash rates. I’ve listed my recommendations below in the order of what I would buy if I was building a rig today.
   If you mine ETC on some pool that does not accept wallet address but requires Username.Worker instead, the best way is to specify “-allcoins etc”, in this mode devfee mining will be on ETC pools and DAG won’t be recreated at all.
hey! first of all thank you for your immediate reply. Now the computer, after that it verifies the 4 things, it says “esecution of code impossible because “openCL.dll” was not found. Can you help me again?
Don’t freak out when the numbers are skewed like 95% of people here. The BEST WAY to get a SOLID AVERAGE OF YOUR HASHRATE is to MINE FOR 24 HOURS and get the EXACT number of ether. Then simply plug it in backwards into a formula factoring network hash, difficulty, etc, and VOILA YOU GET YOUR HASHRATE.
Please note that Claymore mining software is third-party closed-source mining software. It includes an additional Claymore developer fee and we cannot vouch for its integrity and credibility. Use it at your own risk. The discussion thread is here.
Ein Blockreward (Block Vergütung) ist eine Belohnung für die erbrachte Rechenleistung. Ein Miner erhält diesen, wenn er einen gültigen Block findet und diesen an der Blockchain anhängt. Beim Bitcoin wären das 12.5 BTC alle 10 Minuten.
(10) Increase Mining Operation: If one’s mining appetite grows, then it is time to learn how to build an Ethereum Mining Rig. This video introduces how to build a 6x GTX 1070 GPUs mining rig has a hashrate of 180 MH/s, please have a look. Another article should be written on how to build this dedicated hardware.
Yes, you can earn even more with minergate by inviting your friends, family and even your arch-enemy, Mingergate will you reward you for each and every referral alike, according to your referral’s profits!
While the coin is set to launch two weeks from now, the Bgold codebase is not yet fully developed and ready to be deployed. Implementation of the new proof-of-work algorithm and replay protection, as well as the new difficulty re-adjustment scheme, are yet to be finished.
Your machine’s success at mining coins will be determined by the hashrate afforded by its processor and GPU(s). If you’re unsure whether your machine is powerful enough to mine cryptocurrency at all, click on ‘Benchmark’ in the top bar, then on ‘Start Benchmark’.
C:\Users\Iskren Sabev\Downloads\openclminer\eth_pp_ua-openclminer\ethminer-opencl-0.9.41>ethminer -G –cl-global-work 16384 -F http://pool.eth.pp.ua/?miner=15@0x776f46305f045EeEA31Bd81519F65AE890a33c60
Complicating the matter further is that Bitcoin ASICs can often be made to cater to both ends of the spectrum by varying the clock frequency and/or the power provided to the chip (often via a regulated voltage supply). As such, chips can not be directly compared.
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-minspeed   minimal speed for ETH, in MH/s. If miner cannot reach this speed for 5 minutes for any reason, miner will be restarted (or “reboot.bat” will be executed if “-r 1” is set). Default value is 0 (feature disabled).
At the moment, the rewards are at 12.5 Bitcoins per one block. The reward began with 50 Bitcoins per block, and it has been lowered in every four years. It came down to  25 BTC/Block in 2012, 12.5 BTC/Block in 2016, and is expected to fall at 6.25 BTC/Block in 2020. This is what miners are supposed to get ready for.
Installed Mine.bat file in main folder and at startup. However, the last line, C:\windows\system32>ethdcrminer64.exe -epool…. , will not execute. States this file is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program of batch file. Why is this ethdcrminer64.exe file not found? Seems to be pointing to windows\System32 folder. Stuck in Mobile with the Memphis Blues again.
The Geass P1-200 Ethereum miner is the first Ether miner in the world. The hash speed (Ethash) is 198MH/s ± 5% with a power consumption about 730w. With this 198MH Ethereum miner, your Ether mining career will be speeded up.
Ihr scheint ziemlich linke bis gesellianische Ansichten zu haben. Mir das sympathisch, aber die Kryptowährungen sind dafür nicht gemacht. Die sind tatsächlich für reiche Spekulanten gemacht. Wer sich mehr Hardware und mehr Stromverbrauch leisten kann, beginnt bereits mit einem großem Vorteil. Danach geht die Schere immer nur noch weiter auseinander. Das wäre wegen der benötigten Infrastruktur sogar dann so, wenn der Coin selbst umlaufgesichert wäre. Mit linken oder gesellianischen Ansichten ist man in der Welt der Kryptowährungen also völlig deplaziert, außer man hätte einen Ansatz, der dermaßen revolutionär ist wie die Blockchain selbst.
Durch die Idee einen neuen Rechner zu bauen bin ich auf den Lieferengpass von AMD-Grakas aufmerksam geworden. Nun habe ich mich gefragt, ob es sich lohnen würde statt 1000€ in meinen Fonds zu stecken, sich für 1000€ einen Krypto-Miner mit 2 GPU’s zuzulegen. Was meint ihr dazu? Online findet man immer höchst unterschiedliche Meinungen, von einem überschwänglichem JA! bis zu einem sehr kritischen NEIN! ist alles dabei. Natürlich gäbe es auch noch die Variante in Cloud-Mining zu investieren z.B: Genesis.
   for example, “-allcoins 47” means that miner will expect DAG size for epoch #47 and will allocate appropriate GPU buffer at starting, instead of reallocating bigger GPU buffer (may crash) when it starts devfee mining.
Change power options so that the computer automatically turns itself on whenever power is restored. The reason for this is two-fold: first, it’ll make sure that your miner automatically starts up after a power outage. Second, it makes powering the computer on much easier if you don’t happen to have a power switch connected to the motherboard.
Riser Cards: Most go with USB powered 1x to 16x riser cards. These sell out often and they are mostly all made by companies that no one has heard of. The reviews on most are mixed, so you’ll just need to pick some and roll the dice. You’ll likely be paying around $8 each.
Next, you’ll want to switch to the “develop branch” of cpp-ethereum. To do this, in that same terminal, ‘cd’ into the /cpp-ethereum directory (the one created by the previous git command), and then type:
GPU mining has benefits to the network not discussed here, which is why coins like Monero are unlikely to go to ASIC. New blockchains like Ethereum can perform different types of calculations on the blockchain. Because of this, you are unlikely to ever see ASICs on Ethereum. There will always be a significant number of coins that are ASIC-resistant. The chances that one of those coins becomes profitable is higher than picking a singular coin and hoping that that one coin succeeds.
Obviously a lot more research would have to go into it, but I find it hard to believe that grabbing the dag bits via an “on the fly” asic method would be any faster than random memory accesses on a DAG stored in memory.
Ist Ethereum Mining sinnvoll? Jein. Ethereum Mining wirft aktuell einen Gewinn ab. Beim Mining sollten Hashleistung, Strompreis, Verkaufspreis und Difficulty unbedingt im Auge behalten werden. Es gibt keine Garantie für langfristigen Profit.
To start mining with your GPU, key in ‘ethminer –G’ followed by the enter key. This will initiate the mining process after building the DAG ((Directed Acyclic Graph), which is a large file stored in the RAM of your GPU for the purpose of making it ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) resistant. Ensure that there is sufficient space on your hard drive before getting to this point.
One other oft-mentioned number statistic for an ASIC chip is the number of cores or hashing engines that are on the chip. While this number is directly related to performance, it is not necessarily a comparitive relation.
This point can also be addressed in two ways: empirically and theoretically. Empirically, botnets so far have not been substantially involved in mounting 51% attacks in existing altcoins, generally, they are content simply to extract revenue as “legitimate” miners. Theoretically, the current public prominence of botnets as a threat is backed largely by their performance in network flooding / denial of service attacks – situations where each computer in a botnet is only used for the number of connections that it can make. In the context of mining, however, botnet-infected computers tend to be running older operating systems and have weaker specifications, meaning that they will have a much lower performance and impact on the network than their size might initially suggest.
The worst thing that could happen when once you’ve invested all the time and money involved in setting up your mining operation is a hardware failure or internet downtime. But when you mine with us, you can rest assured that any single piece of hardware failing does not mean the end of your operation thanks to scalability.

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  1. In step 5, geth wasn’t able to connect to any nodes after upgrading to Windows 10. The reason is that Windows Time / the NTP service is disabled by default in Windows 10. Open Services from your start menu, find Windows Time in the list, start the service and set setup to Automatic.
    You could purchase a brand-new computer, but that will cut into your potential profits. Many home-based Ethereum miners choose to build their own systems as a way to save cash. If you like to tinker with hardware and have a lot of spare parts around your house, building your own system might make sense. If you have an older PC lying around, a less complicated option might be to upgrade your existing hardware so that it is suitable for mining.
    I have rewrote it to make it useable for all users and make their mining easier. I have added about 60% code to check for stupid things users may do and much better error handling to ensure your mining will be absolutely flawless.

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