“Ethereum Mining mit GPU”

“Ethereum Mining mit GPU”

Because we’re living in a cryptocurrency world, we’ve created a list of the best mining GPUs you can buy today, so that you can spend as little time as possible researching and the most time making some cash. We’ve ranked five of the best mining GPUs on the market, with efficiency and price in mind. And thanks to TechRadar’s exclusive price comparison tool, you can rest assured that you’ll always be getting the best price. And as the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has led to huge price hikes in the GPU market, you don’t want to spend too much time shopping around.
@philakone Hey man Thanks a lot for your reply and your help. I couldn’t open the “Ethereum-Walletfile” but it’s ok since I have a greater problem to deal with atm. I have finished the synch with ‘geth –rpc”, I have wrote the words in the nanopool.bat notepad as you suggested. But when I am running the file i get this problem.
Unfortunately, for someone looking at building just a few mining rigs, they may never find a block solo-mining. Therefore it is necessary to join a mining pool. A mining pool combines the hashrate of all the miners, and vastly increases the chances that the group is able to find a block. This therefore allows you to get a steady payout from the pool, even if you yourself never find a block.
Obviously a lot more research would have to go into it, but I find it hard to believe that grabbing the dag bits via an “on the fly” asic method would be any faster than random memory accesses on a DAG stored in memory.
ethpool has stopped accepting new miners for the moment (new wallet addresses), so that is why it is now rejecting new user connections. You can try solo mining as unfortunately we are not aware of an alternative pool available for the moment.
Similar instructions should work on Windows. If you encounter a bug however, please raise on the relevant github issue section (https://github.com/ethereum/cpp-ethereum/issues for Ethminer and https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/issues for Geth)
Although the merit of these approaches can be debated, ultimately these figures are not as important as the ones that detail what is required to make an ASIC work. If an ASIC requires highly stable power supply, then the power supply circuitry on a board may be more expensive than for another ASIC. If the ASIC has a complex communications protocol, additional relatively expensive components may be required. If an ASIC’s die is large, fewer (rectangular slices) can be obtained from a (circular) wafer, defects affect its design dispropotionately, and cooling solutions are generally more complex compared to smaller die chips which in turn have other overhead. Chips with a BGA design are less simple to integrate than a QFN, requiring more expensive (inspection and testing) equipment.
However, the cost of mining is far from free in this modern day digital gold rush. Hardware costs and energy consumption represent real financial commitment. Regardless, if you build your own systems or are a PC enthusiast, there’s a good chance you have the spare parts lying around to slap a mining rig together and get cracking.  
I have been trying to set up a GPU miner for days. I had troubles with my GPU drivers in Ubuntu, so I just did a clean Windows install, only to find that the cpp client seems to be less supported than Ubuntu and OSX?
The reason why you can’t use an ASIC miner for Ethereum hashing is because the person who designed Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, specifically designed Ethereum to be more decentralized than Bitcoin. He thought this was an innate flaw with the grandfather Cryptocurrency. Investors with more capital could afford better ASIC miners and thus make more money.
The screenshot above shows a single 4GB RX 470 mining at the settings pictured in section 12. I was able to get about a 10% performance gain over factory settings while reducing power consumption at the same time. That’s good, but we can do better (sometimes much better!) if we’re willing to venture into the world of GPU BIOS mods—and I’ll show you how to do exactly that in the next section of my guide.
Letztlich weiß man nie was abgeht, von Heute auf Morgen kann der Markt wieder zusammenbrechen, Bitcoin hat das schon Dutzende male hinter sich, daher sollte man ganz ganz vorsichtig sein bei so enorm hohen Preisen Coins einzukaufen, das kann ganz schnell mal nach hinten los gehen das er dann einbricht und sich vielleicht nie wieder erholt und ja selbst Bitcoin kann das passieren, die macht der USA, Europa und China können dem ganz schnell ein ende bereiten.
can someone please for the love of all holy help me find the download for ethminer??!!!! the github site is total garbage and for the uninitiated cannot navigate or find what i need! i download what i think is the install file but when i run it it just opens a CMD!!!!
Do note that ethminer is 64-bit only and you need to have Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable installed (the 64-bit version) as it is compiled with Visual Studio 2013 and CUDA 7.5RC. Note that it seems AMD is currently faster mining Ethereum as compared to Nvidia GPUs and CPU mining is not much worth other than for testing purposes anyway.
Bei der derzeitigen Steigerungsrate der Difficulty halbieren sich die …Bei der derzeitigen Steigerungsrate der Difficulty halbieren sich die Einnahmen alle 1-2 Monate. In 6 Monaten verdient man nichts mehr.Die Difficulty ist meines Wissens noch nie spürbar gesunken und der Hype ist noch nicht vorüber. Solange 400€ für Karten gezahlt werden, steigt sie weiterhin enorm an. Dazu tausende Vorbestellungen, die noch geliefert werden.Mit POS müssen die Leute auf andere Coins ausweichen und verschärfen die Lage umso mehr.Wenn der Kurs nicht steigt, ist ETH mining in 4 Monaten kaum noch lohnenswert. Sollte man einkalkulieren…Weniger anzeigenMehr anzeigen
Ich bin der Ansicht, dass man nur mit PoW ein wirklich dezentrales System erreichen kann, allerdings mit Algorithmen, die so weit wie möglich ASIC resistent sind und möglichst vieler Hardware ermöglichen am System teilzunehmen, wie z.B. Cuckoo Cycle (welcher auch weitgehend Poolresistent ist). Das war eigentlich auch die Idee von Bitcoin, dass jeder Nutzer (Node) nebenher mit seinem PC mined. Aber ich bin gespannt auf die weitere Entwicklung von Ethereum, denn wenn es funktioniert und (unendlich) skaliert, wie es sich Vitalik vorstellt, ist er wahrlich ein Genie.
Nevertheless, when a designer makes claims regarding hash rates at certain clock frequencies, one can determine if A. there is a straightforward calculation and B. if the designer is being imprecise (rounding values) or even intentionally dishonest, as the ratio between clock cycles and hash rate should remain the same.
Scrypt.cc Bewertung: Scrypt.cc ermöglicht dem Kauf von KHS innerhalb von Sekunden. Sie können sofort mit dem Mining beginnen und sogar Ihre KHS in Echtzeit mit auf Angebot und Nachfrage basierenden Preisen handeln. Alle KHashes werden sicher gespeichert und in 2 gesicherten Rechenzentren gewartet.
Step 2: You need to unzip the GETH file and move it to a location on your hard drive. In this case we’ll move it to the hard drive, usually (C:) – which will make the next step easier. All you need to do is copy the file you have downloaded and unzipped and move it to the hard drive folder.
Because of the way Ethereum hashes work, miners need to have systems with graphics cards with specialized graphics processing units (GPUs) and a lot of memory. Experts are recommending graphics cards with at least 3GB of RAM to get started today. Those high-powered graphics cards can be expensive, and the popularity of Ethereum mining has led to a shortage in the supply.
The program that we will be using to mine is Claymore’s Dual Miner. The main feature of this miner is that it can mine two cryptocurrencies at the same time on each card, though we will only be doing Ethereum in this guide I recommend siacoin as a currency to dual mine with ETH, especially if you have AMD rx cards.
Now you need to run the program you just downloaded. To do this you need to run Command Prompt. You can do this by searching in the search function in Windows for “CMD” and then clicking on it when it shows up.

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  1. You will need to enter in the stratum/IP address of your mining pool, then your worker name followed by password for your worker on the mining pool. Note: not all pools require a password, you can just put “123” if you want.
    CPU design optimizes for quickly switching between different tasks. In addition to the CPU’s agility, it also has the advantage of ubiquity. If you have a computer, you have a CPU. Thus, if a coin allows CPU mining, there’s less power in the hands of large mining farms.
    The cryptocurrency market is growing so fast, and one of the fastest growing digital assets (including LiteCoin, Ethereum, etc…) that it has right now is Bitcoin. From the time it began to exhibit signs of potential growth in 2011, many ‘experts’ have been predicting the fall of this world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

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