“Ethereum Mining Windows deutsch”

“Ethereum Mining Windows deutsch”

Miner kontrollieren das Netzwerk, halten es stabil und verifizieren neue im Netzwerk. Sie überprüfen also kurzgefasst, ob die neuen Transaktionen in Ordnung sind und dem Protokoll entsprechen. Wenn alles okay ist, haben sie die Fähigkeit, einen neuen Block für alle Ewigkeiten an die Blockchain anzuhängen.
Where I think there is confusion however, is that there is a belief that somehow ‘faster hashing == better’. I don’t think that’s the case at all assuming the PoW algo is sequential memory hard. In fact that would allow for better overall network security as it would distribute hashing power more evenly across a range of varied devices including phones and tablets. (particularly so in the context of a PoS/PoW hybrid situation, which would partially solve the issue of botnets/aws/digital ocean centralization).
AMD cards are likely the best choice for the budget-conscious. However, the top-end Nvidia cards outperform them in terms of power efficiency. Carefully weigh your options, and keep in mind your budget and power costs.
Some settings should be modified in Windows to get you ready for mining.  First, you don’t want your computer to go to Sleep as it will interrupt your mining so go into your Power Settings and set it to “Never” turn off/sleep.  
ETH mining seems to be still buggy and not optimized, a lot of people still seem to have problems, hopefully this will be resolved with updates of the miner software. So try both versions of the ethminer, the CUDA one also supports OpenCL and CPU mining.
Processor: If you go with an LGA1150 motherboard the Intel Celeron G1840 Processor is often used as it a TDP of just 53 Watts and costs $55.99 shipped.  If you opted for the newer Intel LGA1151 platform something like the Intel Celeron Processor G3930 at $39.00 shipped would not be a bad choice and has a TDP of 51 Watts. Since the CPU load is minimal (usually under 15% for pooled mining) you can get away with a low-cost processor and they both come with a heatsink fan (HSF) that you can use. We highly suggest turning off the Windows 10 search indexing service (simple guide) on your dedicated mining rigs as that eats up power for something that isn’t needed. With it enabled we noticed our CPU load was going up to 40-50% and the system was using significantly more power.
? Krypto-Mining birgt ein sehr hohes Risiko, denn der Ertrag ist von vielen Parametern abhängig. Die Leser*innen sind ausdrücklich aufgefordert, sich zu den Inhalten dieser Webseite eine eigene Meinung zu bilden und eigenverantwortlich zu agieren. Bei Investitionen gilt generell: Investieren sie nur so viel, wie sich leisten können und kalkulieren sie einen Totalverlust mit ein!
  Often when OpenCL fails, you have to reboot the system, not just restart miner. Sometimes even soft reboot won’t work and you have to press Reset button. It is because the fail is at drivers level, Windows does not like such things and drivers too.
Mit dem Proof of Stake Algorithmus müssen Miner im Netzwerk keine Rechenleistung mehr aufbringen, wie beim PoW Algorithmus. Hier ist es wichtig, wie hoch die Summe an Kryptowährungen bzw. Token ist, die du “wegsperrst” (stakest).
One other reason is the philosophy of the Dev team and community. There is no real technical reason Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other coins that are currently being mined with ASICs couldn’t, with a switch to another POW algorithm, be put back in the hands of GPU miners. Point is, if the Dev’s and community wanted to keep a coin out of the ASIC realm, they could just change the code if/when that moment happened. A few of the lesser known coins have already did this with great success. The problem as we know with Bitcoin is there are too many big players with deep pockets that would fight tooth and nail to keep that from ever happening. They can’t even agree to a minor thing as a block size increase much less something as dramatic as changing out the POW.
You total wrong , memory clock DOES AFFECT on your speed . Your MSI Afterburner does not have “unofficial overclocking limitations” enabled thats why when you “slided way to the left, down to the minimum ” it does nothing – it just stays at default memory clock (1250 -1375 – 1500 default is popular ) ,so your speed at that time NOT AFFECT by memory overclocking because it already @stock lol .
Kann sich hierzulande außerhalb eigener, kostengünstiger Stromerzeugung doch garnicht lohnen. Würde ja jeder können und bei vorhandener Liquidität eben auch auf breiter Front durchführen. Ist ja inzwischen breit bekannt.
Hi, You don’t need any kind of extra PSU and the PSU does not matter.. For FTW you need extra Splitter which you can find here – http://www.parallelminer.com/product/18awg-pci-e-6pin-to-dual-8-pin-y-splitter-extension-cable-2x-62pin-cable-6in-each-side/

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  1. For example, the GTX 1050 Ti doesn’t have a very high hashrate. However, it doesn’t consume much power either. In fact, buying four 1050 Ti’s would cost you the same as buying one R9 295X2 and they have a higher profit ratio.
    ZCash uses Equihash as an hashing algorithm, which is an asymmetric memory-hard PoW algorithm based on the generalized birthday problem. It relies on high RAM requirements to bottleneck the generation of proofs and making ASIC development unfeasible, much like Ethereum.

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